• Remove the bureaucrats from education
  • Emphasis on literacy and numeracy
  • Return to proven evidence-based teaching
  • Remove failing educational fads
  • Putting teachers back in charge
  • New and increased pay scale and retirement plan after 30 years
  • Stop compulsory reporting requirements on non-core subjects in years K-2
  • Remove biased, politically-motivated material from the curriculum
  • Ensure students are taught history in a fair and balanced way and learn about our Western heritage
  • Remove the Safe Schools/Inclusive WA programs from schools

Energy & Environment

  • Examine clean energy production
  • Inquire into creating a WA nuclear industry
  • Incentivise PV cell and batteries for residential developments
  • Identify and preserve WA’s best agricultural land to ensure long-term food security
  • Ensure adequate water resources for our agricultural sector


  • Reduce housing demand
  • Substitute stamp duties for land taxes
  • Free-up artificial land use and planning restrictions
  • Invest in public housing
  • Dissolve the building commission
  • Bring property development under consumer protection


  • Reduce immigration into the state
  • Create population ministry
  • Pressure Federal Government to review visa process
  • Review and revise Graduate Occupation List for international students
  • Stop our suburbs and communities being ruined by over-development

Jobs & Wages

  • Call for sustainable immigration into the state and review working rights for international students
  • Legislated protections for Australian citizens before foreign workers
  • Train locals first and stop the importing of cheap foreign workers
  • Invest in productivity and technology
  • Remove payroll tax
law and order

Law & Order

  • 1000 extra frontline police over the next 5 years
  • Greater legislative protection to do the job
  • Increase police resources
  • New and increased pay scale and retirement plan after 30 years
  • New minimum sentencing provisions
  • Increase funding for prosecutions
  • Introduce inquisitorial elements in criminal cases

Local Government

  • Scrap Development Assessment Panels
  • Scrap Standards Panels
  • Defined roles, powers and accountability for senior staff
  • Stop arbitrary rate increases
local government


  • To weaken the power of unelected institutions over influencing public policy
  • To restore the values of direct democracy and majoritarianism
  • To restore democracy as a system that represents the people of WA and not unelected elites
  • To influence a shift away from global democratic structures that seek to influence local policy
  • Reform the political donation system, including implementing a ban on all foreign donations


  • Promote localised manufacturing industries to encourage local employment.
  • Cut immigration to improve local employment prospects and encourage wage growth
  • Ensure local mineral resources benefit WA through adequate royalties, gas reservation policies and local employment
  • Decrease reliance on global markets to encourage local productivity and consumption of goods and services
  • Examine feasibility of a WA Development Bank to provide concessional loans for infrastructure and industry development
  • Develop a strong WA brand to support local producers and manufacturers
  • Mandate that government departments procure a much greater proportion of Western Australian and Australian goods and services
  • Encourage greater domestic investment in Western Australian agriculture
  • Implement a foreign investment register of key WA assets in order to promote greater transparency
  • Promote greater diversity of export markets to end dangerous over-reliance on a handful of countries
  • Implement a smart royalties system and strategic reservation to encourage greater local value adding in the resources sector